The Health Services Directory is created by the Oklahoma Rural Health Works staff from local phone books supplied by the communities. The directory is an easy-to-use reference for health and social services specifically tailored to the community. During the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), community members work together refining and editing the directory to ensure that the most pertinent and up-to-date information is included. The sections of the directory include listings of: 1) emergency numbers; 2) hotline contact numbers; 3) health services; 4) local government and community social services; and 5) state and national information services, support groups, and help lines.

In addition, each community has the opportunity to design a Directory cover using photographs of their choice. Many communities use photographs of the health providers’ businesses or employees.

Fifty printed copies are provided for the community to distribute upon completion of the CHNA. An electronic version of the directory is also provided to the community so that it can be updated over time as services/locations change.

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