Oklahoma Rural Health Works is providing two Oklahoma documents for each of the 77 counties in Oklahoma. These are available to any interested parties. The documents are:

  • "The Importance of the Health Sector on a County's Economy"
  • "County Data and Information

    "The Importance of the Health Sector on a County's Economy" includes information on healthcare changes, concerns, trends. Information also includes national healthcare expenditures. Secondary data for the county includes population, employment, personal income, labor statistic, health data, etc. Sources of data include the U.S. Census, Regional Economic Information Service Bureau of Economic Analysis, Woods and Poole Economics, Inc., and the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The economic impact of the health sector on the county's economy is the final section of the paper. The health sector is illustrated through five health sub-categories:

  • Hospitals,
  • Physicians, Dentists, and Other Health Professions,
  • Nursing and Residential care Facilities,
  • Pharmacies, and
  • Other Medical and Health Services.

    The direct impact of each of the five health categories and the total sector are shown. The secondary impacts are then measured utilizing multipliers generated from a well-accepted economic model and database. The secondary impacts are then combined with the direct impacts to show the total impact of the health sector on a county's economy. The total impact of a county's health sector is an important component in the local community's economic development strategy.

    The second document, "County Data and Information," includes any and all current relevant sources of data and information about the county and county's health care system. This information includes data in the following areas:

  • economics,
  • health/behavioral,
  • education,
  • traffic, and
  • crime data.

    The data are gathered from a variety of data sources including the sources listed above.

    Contact Information:

    For additional information, please contact:

    Fred Eilrich
    Cheryl F. St. Clair

    Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Oklahoma State University
    513 Ag Hall
    Stillwater, OK 74078
    Phone: 405-744-6083
    Fax: 405-744-9835
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